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ROUTINE PODIATRY The treatment of conditions such as corns, callus, warts, nail and ingrown toenails, tinea and some skin conditions. General over all foot care. Any problem below the KNEE. 

DIABETES Checking circulatory and sensation conditions and the prevention of other Diabetic complications like Pressure Ulcers. Ulcers and other Chronic Diabetic problems was a major concern he dealt with in England. 

SPORTS MEDICINE Biomechanical assessments, Orthoses / Corrective supports (only used if totally necessary) and the treatment of lower leg conditions ie: ankle injuries or problems, shin splints, Achilles problems and many more. The leg alignment can also influence knee, hip and lower back problems and is an area commonly overlooked in the treatment. Podiatrists Specialise in treating of poor lower leg biomechanics. 

HEEL SPURS / PLANTAR FASCIITIS Normally very painful in the mornings or after standing for long periods, Alan uses proven treatment methods to treat this. It is normally the result of some trauma, injury or simply an overload of the Plantar Fascia. 

ELDERLY FOOT CARE Corns, Callus, Nail care. As we get older our joints start to become affected by Arthritic changes, those changes can create problems across the ball of the foot or cause toes to bend. Hammer toes, Claw toes all can cause pressure corns and or callus. Shoe selection becomes very important. 

CHILDRENS DEVELOPMENTAL PROBLEMS Growing pains , flat feet, in turning knees, heel pain , ( Achilles insertion pain or heel bone growth plate inflammation ), knee pain , cramping during and after exercise, shin splints, can all result from poor foot and leg alignment. Foot growth in girls continues on average to the age of 12 / 13 while with boys it`s around 15 / 16. Co-ordination, posture, and unusual running styles can all be the result of poor foot and leg biomechanics. At times all it takes is a simple arch support or orthoses to fix the problem. 

ENHANCED PRIMARY CARE SCHEME (Medicare funded visits) If suffering from a chronic disease for more than 6 months, your Doctor can put you on the Care Plan Scheme which allows visits to the Podiatrist for regular checks and treatment. 

WORKCOVER ASSESSMENTS & TREATMENTS Alan has worked with Workcover for many years regarding injury and repetitive problems for their members. A CLAIM NUMBER  is essential before being seen this way.